Actionable Thoughts - "Thought Leadership Talk"

"The leader we need, shaping the future we want"

"Actionable Thoughts" on Apr 15 - “ESG: Integration Insight”

 "Actionable Thoughts" on Apr 15

SASB x Ascent Partners “ESG: Integration Insight”  

The Need, Understanding and Using Sustainability Accounting Standards (SASB) 

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"Actionable Thoughts" on Oct 12 - Event Highlights

"Actionable Thoughts" on Oct 12 - Mr. Patrick Lee

Mr. Patrick S Lee

Intertek, Executive Vice President, North East Asia and Australasia

"Actionable Thoughts" on Oct 12 - Dr. Jonathan Beard

Dr. Jonathan Beard


Executive Director and Asia Head of Business Advisory and Transportation

"Actionable Thoughts" on Oct 12 - Mr. Francis Ngai

Mr. Francis Ngai

Social Ventures Hong Kong,

Founder and CEO 

"Actionable Thoughts" on Oct 12 - Mr. Jeffery Smith

Mr. Jeffery Smith

Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas,

Vice President, Sustainability

"Actionable Thoughts" on Oct 12 - Mr. Cyril Aubin

Mr. Cyril Aubin

RATP Dev Transdev Asia (RDTA), 

Hong Kong Tramways, Managing Director 

"Actionable Thoughts" on Oct 12 - Mr. Angus Hui

Mr. Angus Hui

Schroders, Head of Asian and EM Credit

"Actionable Thoughts" on Oct 12 - Mrs Mei Ng

Mrs Mei Ng, BBS

Friends of the Earth (HK),Chairman